The Conscious Living Center

Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the hardest lessons are the ones we need to see as beautiful blessings in disguise. It is those lessons that we need to use for our higher good and the greater good for all. It is only when we obsess and live in fear and sadness that we get stuck and veer off our path. Here is where you will discover your source of Power and Strength, which will help you overcome and let go of negative thoughts, fears, guilt and self-sabotage...reconnect with a purpose that Empowers and Energizes you. When you tap into the deeper meaning in life and align yourself with your purpose everything will begin to change!

Live in Peace, Love & Happiness

Hi Beautiful Souls!

I intend to live the most beautiful life possible! I intend to live everyday day conscious, awake and present. I intend to open my heart fully so I may receive and give unconditional love. It is my intention to help people transform, reconnect and heal so they too can live their life in abundance of Joy, Love & Happiness!

♥ Michele Petosa


Soul Coach & Energy Healer

Elephant Soul

Next Steps...

Follow your intuition and watch change happen...