Today is a good day! Not everyday is...not everyday was.

It only takes me a second to go back and remember those bad days. The days I lived in the hands of mental, emotional and yes physical abuse. Living in the darkness of depression, the crippling feeling of anxiety and in the domination of fear. I know how hard I've struggled but the fact is I have survived and I am healing, but it takes work!

I have learned how to make conscious decisions regarding how I'm going to feel today and what I'm going to do. Not everyday is easy and yes I can very quickly slip back into my old negative beliefs and thought patterns but what is important to know is that every little step forward you make is in the greater good!

I will have to apologize in advance, I am not a professional writer or a writer of any sort. My words are my thoughts and feelings, what I have been though and where I am going, but I promise you what I have to share is important.

I am going to share my story in hopes that I can in turn help others who have gone though or are still going through similar situations and struggles.

I am blessed and grateful for my life and my journey because it has brought me here and I AM HERE!

May you find blessings in your life today and live in peace, love and happiness!

Michele ♥

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