Let’s Connect with Nature!

My first deck of oracle cards is that of Archangel Michael by Doreen Virtue. I can’t even begin to tell you how much these cards have helped and guided me through these past few years. Archangel Michael’s guidance gave me courage, strength, peace, hope, protection and crystal clear messages. Because I’m stubborn and sometimes don’t listen the same card would just keep coming up until I did. There is no getting away with not following Archangel Michael’s guidance. The card Spend More Time Outdoors was one of those cards.

When you are in a state of lack the last thing you want to do is get up and go do something, but since getting my dog Buddy it was the perfect opportunity to take advantage and simply go for a walk. It became very easy to see the difference in my mood on the days I would take him vs the days someone else would. Just spending that little bit of time outside made me feel more peaceful and calm. It was a great step towards healing, especially for someone who suffered from depression and anxiety as I did. I learned that part of spending time outdoors is connecting with nature and grounding yourself. Nature naturally boosts our mood and energy. When you are grounded you are anchored into the present moment and with who you are.

So here I was spending more time outdoors but still this card kept coming up over the years and then it hit me, I needed to start a group. This vision came to me a few months ago. Honestly, I think I procrastinated until the weather got better lol but the urge just grew stronger until I couldn’t resist any longer and on Friday, April 6th I created the Meetup Let’s Connect with Nature! I left that afternoon to go pick up my kids and I just felt this sense of excitement and fulfillment. I took action and listened to my inner guidance and my vibration rose to a new height.

I believe everything happens in divine timing and now is the perfect time! When our vibration is up we simply feel good, we are happy and content, we feel balanced and as a result able to manifest at a higher level. My intention for this group is collectively raise our vibration in the ultimate goal of living in peace, love and happiness!

Michele ♥

Click the link for my Meetup group: http://meetu.ps/e/F6qZ9/w79MC/f

Hope to see you soon!

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